Welcome music lovers! We are as passionate about music as you are.

We run a record store based in North Melbourne dedicated to supplying you with all your music needs.


Heartland Records was established in 1992 and previously based on Peel Street. We are now located in a larger shop on Victoria Street, North Melbourne. We stock an extensive range of genre spanning new release and deep back catalogue titles. 

We at Heartland pride ourselves on our friendly customer service and expertise. Paul Cook, owner and operator of Heartland Records knows a thing or two about vinyl and is always available for a chat. Shop online or come in and browse our huge selection of music.

“One of Melbourne’s largest purveyors of vinyl” 


“This shop goes to eleven”

Nigel Tufnel

“I started off as a customer, and ended up working here to feed my vinyl habit”


“If music be the food of life then eat me”

Non PC

“The best shop in Melbourne for music. Home from home for me.

Realistic prices and great range.

Vinyl selection second to none.

No fancy stuff just music for people who love music.”

Peter Davey