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Sell Records in Melbourne to Make Quick Cash


Do you have a large collection of vinyl records that you no longer play? Are they gathering dust and taking up space that could be used for something else? At Heartland Records, we give people the opportunity to sell records in Melbourne. We hate the idea of vinyl being thrown away when it could be enjoyed by someone else who can appreciate it!


Our store encourages vinyl purchases with cash or store credit to get a better price. This means that everyone can benefit, including the person selling their records, our shop to expand our range, and future customers who may find something that tickles their fancy. It’s a win-win and there’s no reason not to do it.


Accepting Vinyl of Any Quality


We are happy to accept most items when it comes to vinyl though condition is always a factor along with the level of interest of the artist/group. We accept brand new records that have never been played as well as used records that have been played countless times over the years. So even if you think one or more of your records are damaged or worthless, you can still bring them in to our store and we can take a look as they may not be as bad as you think and still have some value.


We have highly effective cleaning equipment on hand that we use to clean your records before putting them on shelves for customers to buy. You might be surprised by just how much the quality of your old records will improve after we’ve finished cleaning them. That’s why you should never feel disinclined to bring in all your records, no matter how worn you might think they are.


Honest Valuations and Fair Prices


When you choose Heartland Records to sell records in Melbourne, you can expect honest valuations and fair prices. We’ll make sure you’re paid according to the value of your records, which means we’ll never short-change and take advantage of you. If we identify a valuable rarity in your collection, we’ll offer a higher amount that reflects this. If you want store credit rather than cash then you can expect up to 20% more.


Visit Our Store Today to Sell Records


If you want to sell records in Melbourne and receive fair payment for your items, you can trust the team at Heartland Records. Visit our store with your unwanted records and we’ll happily take a look at them. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us for more details.